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While this had a huge impact on New York politics in general, it also pushed Nast to the forefront of his medium.

Like other immigrants, they came to America for a better life or the promise of economic opportunities. He took on commissions for book illustrations and oil paintings in order to stay afloat.

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But, damn it, they can see the pictures" www. The drawings and cartoons of Thomas Nast were dynamically influential and important in his day and continue to be so in the present. Party politics shifted and both Democrats and Republicans had scallywags in their ranks.

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One critic has noted that Nast was the first cartoonist to have the advantage of weekly publication in a magazine with national circulation. But as a nationally prominent cartoonist, his cutting, visual contributions, however flawed, succeeded in drawing national attention to post-Civil War anti-Chinese attitudes emerging as a political and moral issue. Sources Please refer to a complete list of cited resources here : Halloran, Fiona Deans. Rate this:. Tchen suggests Nast represented what he knew or was told about the Chinese, rather from direct personal knowledge. Familiar to cost Americans, Nasty referred to his cartoons as Shakespearean plays as he tried to appeal the American middle class public to support his ideas. They had five children, Julia, Thomas, Jr.

After only six months abroad, he died there of yellow fever on December 7, There may never be a more significant cartoonist. It is unknown if Nast ever met or associated with a Chinese person in New York.

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Illustrating Chinese Exclusion