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Physicians at a Georgia hospital ignored clinical symptoms and available laboratory test results causing them to overlook the presence and progression of a spinal infection leading to paralysis.

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Past, present and future disability General Damages General damages cover non-financial losses such as Physical pain and suffering. For example, in a medical malpractice case, the Court of Appeals found that the plaintiffs properly impeached a defendant who stated that she had never written a history and physical examination in a chart for a patient when she had not performed the history and examination, and further stated that she had examined and conducted the history relating to the particular former patient in question.

Burke lived in Flowery Branch, only a 10 minute drive from Gainesville, the defendants' attorneys never bothered to visit her or, for that matter, simply pick up the telephone to interview her before trial. It is important for a personal injury attorney to begin work on the investigation required of a medical malpractice case as soon as possible.

Bean and her family members described in their direct testimony. In the worst cases, medical errors result in the deaths of patients who could have been cured with proper medical care.

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There are no fees and no obligation for you to call and consult with us about your potential medical malpractice case. This is why physicians carry their own malpractice insurance. Mistakes can and do happen in medical settings, whether physicians or other hospital staff make them. However, no one is perfect, and some studies indicate that medical errors are a major cause of disability and death in the U. I made a life-long friend and trusted advisor. Lawyers who handle malpractice cases on a contingent fee contract while advancing the considerable expense must be careful in screening the economic viability of cases. During the entire two week trial, Rob was prepared for every single question. Although I didn't necessarily find the type of witness I was looking for with the advertisement in the paper, it was still a good idea and it ultimately turned up one of the most powerful witnesses I have ever seen testify at trial. Only those Georgia lawyers who have the ability, experience and willingness to do this should handle malpractice cases. A recent study by the U. Psychiatrists employed by the State of Georgia at a state operated mental health facility failed to appreciate the suicidal ideations of a patient with a history of major depressive disorder, and soon after her premature discharge without adequate treatment, the patient attempted suicide by lighting herself on fire. Various studies, including ones performed by the U. We invite you to contact us if someone has died or been injured by any of these examples of potential malpractice.

Bean became ill and went into the restroom to vomit. The court, after a lengthy break, issued a 15 page written Order allowing plaintiff's rebuttal witness to testify.

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Daniels, Ga. OUR FAQs Medical Malpractice FAQs Medical malpractice lawsuits seek compensation for injured patients or wrongful death claimants when injury or death was caused by medical care that did not meet the applicable standard of care. Bean waited 57 minutes in the emergency room moaning in pain and bleeding to the degree that a pool of blood the size of a basketball accumulated beneath her wheelchair. A negligence claim against a hospital can be very confusing, unless you have the guidance of an experienced medical malpractice attorney, like those at Grant Law Office in Atlanta. Negligent delay can turn a serious condition into a fatal condition. Bean believed such approval was necessary to comply with certain rules and regulations that she felt she must follow to continue to be this obstetrician's patient. Despite our anxiousness and worry, Robert has been very patient and reassuring and, additionally, has not charged us. Honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about Robert J. An Atlanta obstetrician failed to perform a first trimester abortion properly thereby causing the patient to suffer shock and extreme emotional anguish when she spontaneously delivered a mutilated fetus a few weeks later. Patients suffer delayed recoveries, complications, and can have permanent disabilities. Jones, Ga.

His clients and expert witnesses are always surprised at his extensive knowledge related directly to the matter, or case at hand. The general rule is the trial judges may exercise discretion in excluding relevant evidence if its probative value is substantially outweighed by the risk that its admission will confuse the issue, mislead the jury, or create substantial danger of undue prejudice.

Georgia medical malpractice caps

Jenkins Homes, Inc. When arguing the issue of remoteness, you should consider relying on criminal cases that deal with prior similar acts to the crime charged. The next morning I put Ms. Patients suffer delayed recoveries, complications, and can have permanent disabilities. This was an obstetrical malpractice case in which my client, the mother, had suffered an abrupted placenta and did not get adequate medical attention timely to avert a disaster. He explored every angle, which meant very much to me after other attorneys had dismissed my case as too much trouble to pursue. We have considerable expertise in this field, and we regularly handle malpractice cases all over Georgia.
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