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What internal resources and assets does general motors have to help counter the external forces

The bureaucratic culture is accumulating and hander the further development of the corporation. Second, the corporation response to the political environment changing will be critically evaluated. However, despite growth opportunities in developing markets, the company must ensure competence to address rising competition with regional and local or domestic automotive firms. General Motors has been granted the most clean-energy patents between all automakers for more than a decade and is using them on building its new electric vehicles. In addition, today most major multinational companies are enjoying economies of scale and this is a huge hindrance for new entrants. Benders and Morita, The union is blamed as the reason of the uncompetitive of the General Motors Corporation and the crisis of the automobile industry. On the one hand, consumers turn to other transport tools when they can not afford the high petro price. Loomis, They compete and try to meet consumers' different needs and wants with lower production cost. Academic Conferences International Limited. General Motors needs to address the strategic factors determined in this SWOT analysis of the business. The government also gave financial assistant to the automaker that is at the verge of bankruptcy such as Chrysler. In , its net sales and revenue touched The General Motors are rich in brands and product lines. Moreover advanced technology has grown more important in terms of production and supply chain too. Even in US, its partnership with Lyft has been successful.

The market is currently flooded and new entrants would require billions of dollars in order to design and produce vehicles, which we explained earlier in our analysis.

Customers are also not quick in spending their money. General Motors also benefited from that. References Dockalikova, I. The political environment has great influence on the operation of the General Motors Corporation.

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The technology makes breakthrough achievement in fields of information, manufacturing, fuel and so on. Loomis, C. The General Motors Corporation now governs the advanced technology that it can make more sophisticated automobiles which are more durable, more safety, and have a rapider speed.

The General Motors Corporation introduced the hybrid concept vehicle in In addition, aggressive tax policies threaten General Motors through potential increases in taxes that reduce profits.

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All these circumstances directly affect the potential customers to turn away from GM and chose more affordable and economic automotive products. Technology has also set up strong rivalries among the companies in the automotive industry. In the modern time, the automakers fall into trap again and the financial crisis enhance the tendency. Companies operating in the industry are adapting aggressive pricing strategies. First order only: The labor union cause the high cost of the General Motors Corporation. Where automakers rank when it comes to recalls. The competitiveness of Toyota come form the low cost caused from lean production. The General Motors Corporation acquired and mergers many brands and auto companies in the early stage of its history. From environmental owls to labor laws and quality related laws, there are so many laws that vary across the various corners of the world.

It will also authorize full funding for the President's Hydrogen Fuel Initiative. Also, the company can further improve its sustainability standing, corporate image and brand image, based on the rising interest in business sustainability.

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Strategic Analysis of General Motors (GM)