Explain how organisations respond to it

It is mainly used by big companies for e-commerce purposes such as sending orders to warehouses or tracking their order.

Most businesses choose to use this system as there can be several benefits, but there are three factors that determine whether it is worth using this payment system and how the business will respond. When data is dropped from the cloud it can be very difficult to recover as most data centres do not take backups — therefore losing important data such as client information could affect how many sales a company gets, or lose them customers.

Finally, the type of cloud public, private or hybrid can affect how quickly cloud computing works.

Explain how organisations respond to it

Firstly, they must decide what type of cloud they are using — if they use a public cloud it is likely there will be less security than in a private cloud. These businesses can often have multiple stores which each have around 5 — 20 tills which would all need this technology to be implemented to maintain continuity.

The products and services are consumed by the environment, which supplies additional capital and labor as inputs in the feedback loop.

From this they can create a rough outline of the products and services needed so that they can generate an estimate. Organizational culture is the set of fundamental assumptions about what products the organization should produce, how it should produce them, where, and for whom.

There are several benefits of using cloud computing in business — it allows a company to manage data offsite which can reduce maintenance costs as they are not spending money on maintaining a server and creating backups.

explain how organisations respond to information technology developments

There are three types of cloud: public, private and hybrid.

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Explain how organisations respond to IT development