Dissertation on class size reduction

Glass, V.

Dissertation on class size reduction

Lexington, Mass. While there is evidence that smaller class sizes improve student learning, the magnitude of the impact must be weighed against the impact of other reforms. This dissertation provides information to state-level policy makers that will help them avoid two implementation problems seen in California's CSR implementation.

Teacher quality means different things to different people; this suggests caution should be taken when comparing teacher quality with class sizes.

negative effects of large class sizes

In a paper emphasizing teacher quality over class sizes they are skeptical. In very large courses the majority of students did not have a single interaction with the professor. A summary of the effects of smaller classes on the achievement gap through eighth grade.

effect of class size on student academic performance

American Journal of Education, Sydney Spiesel. From to 11, Tennessee students from kindergarten to third grade were randomly assigned to three class-size categories. School sizes are large in many U. Journal of Faculty Development, 21 1p Recent Features.

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The Cost of Class Size Reduction: Advice for Policy Makers