Direct and indirect preparation for writing in montessori

direct and indirect aims in montessori

The Sound Game, for example, prepares the young child to hear the sounds of our language, which they will then learn in isolation in the Sandpaper Letters.

Freedom: Montessori believed that freedom was the most important factor in helping children develop naturally and spontaneously.

infomontessori language

Normalization is characterized by four things occurring in the child; 1. Many practical life activities also require skills like walking without spilling or lifting and emptying buckets.

Carrying trays develops overall balance and grip muscles in the fingers. During these sensitive periods, it is easy for the child to acquire these abilities. These cardboard or wooden letters enable the child to reproduce his or her own words, then phrases, sentences and finally stories.

Or why they spend so much time washing a table? Normalization is what occurs early in the child, within the first plane of development, whereas normality is what follows after.

Children often experience this around the one hour, to one and a half hour mark, after they have chosen a moderately difficult work and before they have moved on to more challenging work. The child accepts the feedback from the material with less discouragement than from an adult, who must be very careful to let the child rehearse and repeat rather than emphasis her error. They are typically intensely interested in this practicing. Indirect Preparations are found throughout the Montessori environment. When a number of letters have been learned the movable alphabet is introduced. Through their practice with the sandpaper Touch Boards, the Baric Tablets and other physical materials, children prepare their hands to touch lightly, and to make smooth, exact and continuous movements, preparing them for physically tracing the Sandpaper Letters. Oral language acquired since birth is further elaborated and refined through a variety of activities such as songs, games, poems, stories and classified language cards. The sequencing required for these activities also sets the stage for the logical progression of mathematics and language.
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The Montessori Approach to Reading and Writing