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Include a caption or brief description, when more clarification is necessary. Create Your Flowchart it's free and super easy.

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Most flowcharts flow from left to right. When needed, add text to lines by double-clicking on the line and adding your text. If two return lines are needed, they shouldn't overlap.

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Printing large flowcharts The easiest way to print out a flowchart that is larger than your printer paper is to print it onto multiple pieces of paper and then tape the pieces together. Infographic by BBC An interesting way to help your flowchart stand out even more—and help integrate your subject into the design on a deeper level—is to include items related to your subject into the flow.

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Again, SmartDraw's automation will allow the flowchart to reflow automatically. This could mean breaking down a concept into components, like breaking down the factors that contribute to a business goal. Often, the terminator shape is used to designate the start and end of a flowchart; however, you can use placement top left for start, bottom right for end , color green for start, red for end , or size to clearly show where to start and where the process ends. This makes the chart easier to read. The flowchart maker lets you grow the sections by adding one, two, or three connected shapes at a time. This short video shows you how it works. A flowchart that is too large for the Visio drawing page. When a diagram becomes too large to fit on a page, it's advisable to divide it into multiple charts and connect them with hyperlinks. Choose a shape from the flowchart maker to start building your flowchart. The key to a good business process map, as this example shows, is that it has a logical start and end and that the steps in between are easy to understand and follow. Typically this will be a step or action which is taken. Visme gives you a ton of graphic assets in one place Images and Graphics Vast Photo and Icon Libraries Choose from millions of high-quality images, free for commercial or editorial use Select from thousands of vector icons and shapes with editable color schemes Tap into dynamic shapes and lines that you can reshape in any direction Data Widgets.

But let's not get too hung up on terminology.

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20 Flow Chart Templates, Design Tips and Examples