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Aguinaldo won as president while Bonifacio was relegated as the Director of the Interior. Pamitinan in Montalban now part of Rizal province.

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Instead, the Biak-na-Bato government succeeded in obtaining a truce. Over a hundred managed to get into canoes with the plan of reaching the Lake of Bay, but as they passed up the river the civil guard lying in ambush on the opposite shore, fired upon them, and in the consequent confusion every canoe was upset. Then on March 22, another assembly was held at Tejeros known as the Tejeros Convention to elect officers of the revolutionary government. The Cry of Pugadlawin News about the discovery of the Katipunan spread to Manila and nearby suburbs, and Andres Bonifacio immediately called for a general meeting. It was at this stage that Bonifacio decided to ask all those present, around of them, whether they were prepared to fight to the last. A mass arrest of Filipinos who were suspected of being members of the Katipunan were made and they were placed behind bars. Another reason Bonifacio often passed by Novaliches while he was recruiting membership into the Katipunan was that he had many relatives in Novaliches and the then neighboring town of Polo, Bulacan. The first bloody encounter took place in San Juan del Monte on 30 August For his book The Revolt of the Masses Teodoro Agoncillo defined "the Cry" as the tearing of cedulas, departing from precedent which had then defined it as the first skirmish of the revolution. According to Ramos, more than historical papers were found recently in a military archive in Madrid, Spain.

Amongst them were some wealthy and prominent Filipinos, some of whom were innocent. The council decided that the fight against Spain was to push through. Due to the ensuing confusion, other Katipunan forces failed to attack at all. Definition of the Cry The term "Cry" is translated from the Spanish el grito de rebelion cry of rebellion or el grito for short.

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Some of the apparent confusion is in part due to the double meanings of the terms "Balintawak" and "Kalookan" at the turn of the century. This was the Cry of Pugadlawin that took place on 23 August In a monument to the Cry a lone Katipunero popularly identified with Bonifacio was erected at Balintawak; it was later transferred to Vinzons Hall in the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City.

Primo de Rivera had issued a decree requiring Filipinos to report to Spanish authorities on or before July 10, The first annual commemoration of the Cry occurred in Balintawak in after the American colonial government repealed the Sedition Law.

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The decree also forbade the people from leaving their towns or villages without first securing passes or establishing their identity by means of a cedula. Polo was later renamed Valenzuela town and was eventually converted into a city in the second half of the s.

The men immediately tore up their cedulas, shouting, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas long live the Philippines -known as the Cry of Pugadlawin.

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However untrained, the revolutionaries showed real bravery and courage in their fight for freedom. He issued a proclamation on October 31, enjoining the people to take courage and continue fighting for Philippine independence. This was the Cry of Pugadlawin that took place on 23 August On the other hand, Balintawak was said to be the place where Bonifacio and his men first unfurled his revolutionary flag, while Kangkong was the residence of the Revolutionary Gen. By the 22 August they arrived at the house of Juan Ramos in Pugadlawin were they rested and served hot meals. The Katipuneros had little in the way of ammunition; generally equipped with bolo knives, they also had a few guns with them. Pio Valenzuela. However, with untrained and poorly armed supporters whose main weapons were bolos and few firearms and strong belief on anting-anting, the Filipinos although fought bravely and courageously lost in the battle. Ramos said the term was clearly explained in the Kartilla ng Katipunan, or Katipunan Charter. Bonifacio rejected the elections and declared it void. Spain could not send any aid to its beleaguered forces in the Philippines, resulting to the collapse of Spanish resistance. The general attack of Manila was decided to be made on the night of August
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The Cry of Pugadlawin