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In this way, The Merchant of Venice appears to be an anti-Semitic play.

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Something or someone must impede young, romantic love; here, it is Shylock and the many and various ways that he is linked to the three sets of lovers.

The main characters in this play are: Antonio, a merchant of Venice. In contrast, many have seen the creation of Shylock as an attack on this kind of intolerance.

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He is certainly left at the end of the play with very little to his name, although at least he is able to keep his property until his death. The world of Venice and the world of Belmont.

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Shylock is a murderer and he hated all the Christian people. However, he is also vengeful and cunning, and jumps at every chance to take revenge for himself. Yet we cannot feel deep sympathy for him — some, perhaps, but not much. Shylock can be seen as both the villain of the play and as a man who is very human. These are two of Shakespearean antagonists of all time. The Christians thought the Jews were the devils because they killed Jesus Christ. The play is thus emphatically not anti-Semitic; rather, because of the nature of Shylock's involvement in the love plots, it is about anti-Semitism. In a sense, it is Shakespeare's own brilliance which led him to create Shylock as almost too human.

Shakespeare is writing for an anti-Semitic audience and he wants to make Shylock look like a devil. Some commentators have said that the character of Shylock is an example of Elizabethan and Shakespeare's own anti-Semitism. Any type of essay.

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Shylock charges high interest rates and when he is not repaid he insists on revenge.

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