A narrative report on outreach program essay

Due this encouter, we did quick action by sending another letter to the barangay captain requesting to shift to a covered place. This also gives me the idea that even the little things you do for others have great impact in their lives. We brought prizes and candies and we organized games for the youngsters to enjoy.

Her intent was clear. I recently noticed that I was more concern with the other people, about their life situation. Love is patient, love is kind.

Outreach program gift giving

Kryz Samson. First, we divided our class into six groups and assigned to do teaching every Saturday around pm to 4:pm. Aside from that, we gave them books, used clothes, and toys that we gathered from our class. Little did I realize that this experience would impact mine so greatly. Danielle Audrey Basilio, BSA-1A student, who are in charge of the over-all preparation, delivered their closing remarks and thanksgiving message to everyone. At precisely midday. Similar Papers. NSTP provided me some values and points of view in my life. We must give love to our brothers unconditionally. Parlor games prepared by the students were enjoyed by the children of the community and prizes were given to the winners after each games.

To take this activity more successfully, I have observed that it is imperative to exercise good intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship to evade social conflicts which absolutely the primary hindrances toward achievements.

The Literacy Training Service is design to train children and our citizen in arithmetic and literacy skills.

A narrative report on outreach program essay

Simple program was organized by responsible students of BSA Class. Unity was missing at our first action. First, we divided our class into six groups and assigned to do teaching every Saturday around pm to 4:pm. I tend to always have a textbook glued to my face, taking in facts and examples, applying theoretical concepts to what I have experienced first-hand. At in the afternoon, everyone wears a big smile in their faces as they go home with their gifts from us. It makes me feel more responsible and more concern in our environment. Used clothes and toys packed by the class were given to the community before the program ends. AP offers more than 30 courses across multiple subject areas; each course is developed by a committee composed of higher education faculty and expert AP teacher who ensure that the course reflects college and university level experience Learning does not stop when I leave a lecture. Kryz Samson.

Though there were some who had volunteered, they had more complains rather than the number of the learners they had gathered. We worked as one for the success of the activity. Author: Brandon Johnson.

outreach program reflection essay

Related posts:. Nevertheless, we kept them to understand and maintained our strong patience.

outreach program reflection paper
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A Narrative Report On Outreach Program Essay