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A folktale in format, The Sweetest Fig "is a sophisticated picture book," according to Betsy Hearne in Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, "but not at the expense of its audience. Secondly, we shall look at the illustrations—the manner in which what happens or what is meant is depicted visually.

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An award does not change the quality of a book. Van Allsburg began to find his own expression in both illustration and writing, opting initially for black and white, and in text, choosing prose over verse. In , Chris and Lisa became parents when their daughter Sophia was born. His family later moved again to East Grand Rapids. There's a long stairway to climb. When I conceived of the North Pole in The Polar Express, it was logic that insisted it be a vast collection of factories. At that point, it becomes intense work - all day, every day, even on weekends! And yet the title, as rendered on the title page, reads as follows: The Alphabet Theatre.

It can stir pretty powerful memories. However, having contributed to something that truly succeeds as film entertainment, the author was rewarded in other ways.

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Good night! Conceiving of something is only part of the creative process. Alan chases the dog, whom the magician, however, has transformed into a duck. He looked it over and noticed that I had not chosen a college within the University. That may be a difficult concept for a child, but one of the remarkable aspects of Van Allsburg's work is precisely this desire to translate a metaphysical concept into verbal and pictorial shape so that it may be comprehended—at some level—by a child.

For this curious tale, about a doubtful young boy who takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole and finds along the way that a sense of wonder is eternal for "those who believe," the filmmakers bring Van Allsburg's moodily surreal tableau to virtual life through a digital process called "performance capture," a unique combination of live action and animation that allows the actors to play any age demanded by the script.

Every year thereafter, winter comes late to the Bailey farm.

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As much as I'd like to meet the tooth fairy on an evening walk, I don't really believe it can happen. I read quite a lot. As I consider a story, I see it quite clearly. I sometimes have a face in mind when I draw—or, at least, a type. This time, instead of being invaded by jungle creatures, the gamesters find themselves in a world of outer-space adventures as their house flies off toward the purple planet of Zathura. Those digitized performances are then located within the digital environments and the director has, at that point, a virtual reality through which he can move the camera and manipulate the lighting. This rationale creates a kind of "no lose" proposition: If the film stinks, it will soon be forgotten, leaving the book as the relevant surviving version of the story. Adaptations Several of Van Allsburg's books have been adapted for audio cassette. Biography Chris Van Allsburg still seems surprised by his own success. This character's condition is effectively dramatized. Dick and Jane would have their names changed to Jason and Jennifer. They take the game home, and as the children roll the dice and move their markers along the board's spaces through the game's "jungle," they find themselves trapped in a world of lions, monkeys, tsetse flies, monsoon rains, and other tropical hazards, all, seemingly, in their own house. His family later moved again to East Grand Rapids. As he told Lannon in the Detroit Free Press, "every time the book is read, the book happens.

I feel, not a sense of power, but a sense of connectedness, I guess.

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